Motion Simulator and Virtual Reality for Net App

We worked with The Business Event Company to create the perfect solution for their client, Net App.


The Business Event Company needed to create a revolutionary experience and stand attraction, which also offers a branded giveaway, for their client - Net App. The solution needed to offer the latest technology, superb branding capabilities and leave a lasting experience for delegates. 

A Range of Locations Worldwide

The brief detailed a series of UK and International exhibitions which demanded the time and energy of all our departments. The events were due to take place at a number of exhibitions around the world, starting in London and moving on to Barcelona, Dubai, Munich and Berlin, all lasting for 2 or more days.

Simulator and VR Head Set

The client opted for the suggested Club Motion Simulator with incorporated VR. Delegates experienced 3 laps of the Circuit De Catalunya in a Formula based car, with the extra dimensions of full motion driving and the depth perception of virtual reality. This driving experience offered everything the brief demanded and the delegates were thrilled at the experience. 

In-Game Branding

We also incorporated in-game branding on the computerised track to increase brand awareness and hosted the video for the client. This included logo placement on the advertising banners, crash barriers and the car.

Bespoke Video Creation

We then researched the technicalities of creating a video that is to be viewed using a VR headset, so that the participants could experience the ‘perfect lap’ on the simulator from a 3d point of view.  As the video was of the Catalunya race track, we arranged for the Spanish F1 Lotus driver, Carmen Jorda to commentate on the video.

Once the participants had completed their lap on the simulator, they were then presented with the branded google cardboard headset and the link to download the video. This was a great souvenir to the show and promotion of the clients brand.

We delivered beyond expectation on this elements and ticked the brief of a lasting experience for delegates. 


We received positive feedback from the client, they were happy with the product and services received. We look forward to assisting them with their future events.