About The Events House


Our History

The Events House is owned and managed by Adrian Tingle and Dave House. Having worked together in the event industry for years; a partnership offering symbiotic differences and unified direction was formed. Here we are today ... 

With the unveiling of new services and products, which we have been doing for years (quietly), and the celebration of lots of work that we have completed for some amazing clients.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of development and being 'ahead of the game'.

Our Focus

The Events House has carved a path in complete event solutions which don’t dwell in the ordinary and mundane, but concentrate on the emerging and exciting opportunities in the world. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of development and being 'ahead of the game’ with technology and events. Offering consultation design and delivery for Activations, Fan Festivals and Exhibitions.

Our Aim

Our consultations expertise is built from years and years of working and rapidly developing in an entertainment and event environment which has taken us to every continent in the world and put us face to face with some of the world’s most prominent sports and brands. Our aim is to pass our excitement and experience to your event to make your brand activation or event a fun and successful experience. 

Meet the team

It's not just about Adi and Dave, we have a dedicated, hard working and equally brilliant team to help us on our journey:

Adrian Tingle


Dave House


George Pilkington


James Taylor

Group Manager

David Berry

Head of Esports & Technical

Josh Wood

Head of Events

Lana Knight

Senior Account Manager

Brogan Edwards

Account Manager

Alan Crawshaw

Head of Equipment

Steve Taylor

Events Manager

Daniel Sherratt

Warehouse Manager

Jack Johnson

Structures Manager

Sophie Sherratt

Event & Digital Support

April Davies

Admin & Finance Supervisor

George Hill

Trainee Events Manager

Kieran Brennan

Event Delivery

Dan Pears

Event Delivery

Alex Cope

Event Delivery

Nick Morrey

R & D Technician

Josh Martin

Esports Producer

Jonny Hutchinson

Warehouse & Event Delivery

Our Clients

We love our wonderful clients. They range from HUGE UK and worldwide companies to incredible UK and worldwide event and marketing agencies.

We hope to continue working with you all in the future and we welcome all new clients in to our House.