Exhibition Stand Attraction Ideas : Stand Out And Attract The Crowd

17 November 2015
Adrian Tingle

Exhibitions and Marketing Activations can be a powerful marketing tool, if done properly- did you know that 91% of buyers go to trade events to purchase goods and 29% solely buy at trade events, according to the Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO). So this shows the importance of standing out and impressing the buyers. We’ve collated our top marketing activation tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of your exhibition.

Our marketing activations tips:

Exhibition stand design

Exhibition stands normally come with that same grey carpet, bare meter wide wall panels, minimal lighting, and (if you’re lucky) a power point. You will not stand out with this basic shell scheme - it’s important to think about how your stand can look different. Consider the colour scheme, using bold colours are guaranteed to attract attention. A quirky design will also help, such as curved walls, integrated poser tables and a seating area. If money is no object, some of the best we’ve seen have a second story used for entertaining.

stand design

Entertain your audience 

Once you have chosen the stand design, which will capture the attendees attention, you need to think about how to bring them onto your stand and keep them there. We’ve discovered that the best way is to entertain the crowd is by choosing an activity for them to take part in. Hiring a simulator is a great way to do this. We specialise in simulators and therefore can talk you through the options to find one which works for you. Our simulators offer incredible experiences, ones which attendees would not encounter on a day to day basis. Find out more about the exhibition stand attraction ideas that we have proposed to our clients, both in the UK and internationally

Use technology and Social Media

People are always intrigued by new technology, especially if they can be a part of it and it can link into social media. Consider using a live tweet wall, live scoring systems, virtual reality headsets, and iPad technology. The latter can double up as a data capture method for use after the exhibition.

Provide a giveaway

Creating a competition with a worthwhile giveaway is a sure fire way to increase stand attendance. Why not make it more exciting than a business card in a goldfish bowl! Instead run a competition on your chosen activity or simulator with the best person per day winning the prize. The attendees details can be held on the iPad as mentioned previously. Just remember to make sure the giveaway is relevant to your product and key demographic. 

Choose the right ambassadors 

According to the AEO 87% of business directors agree it is easier to communicate with people face-to-face than on the phone or via email. With this in mind choosing the right team for your stand is important. Exhibitions are generally long hours, so pick a team of ambassadors who’s enthusiasm will still be there near the end of the day and if your exhibition is more than one day swap the team around. To enhance participation and engagement in your stand, choose an additional promotional member of staff who can work as a spotter to bring people on to the stand.

Exhibition VIP Treatment 

Our final tip has to be the offering the VIP treatment to your best customers and leads. We recommend hosting a VIP hour at the end of the exhibition, complete with drinks and canapés. It will provide a memorable end to the day for the attendees and a chance for some relaxed networking after a long day. 


These exhibition stand attraction ideas will help you make the most out of your exhibition. We would love to hear from you about your marketing activation so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Adrian Tingle

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