Happy 10 Year Anniversary Events House!

26 February 2016
Lana Knight

2016 is a special year here at Events House; it’s our 10 year anniversary.

In 2006 there was a whale swimming up the Thames, David Beckham was still the captain of the England Team and Sven was hanging up his manager’s title. We were bopping to Shayne Ward’s That’s My Goal (whatever happened to him?) and a tornado hit London, but an idea was born; Events House came to be and proud parents Adi and Dave looked forward to the future. Some may argue that it was the only good thing to come out of 2006, with other hits such as It’s Chico Time being considered ‘popular music’ and people wearing ties over t-shirts to be ‘cool’.

Adi and Dave avoided the temptations of becoming a noughties fad and instead made Events House into a lasting and successful business. It was a daunting prospect, but no one can say a little elbow grease and the occasional forgotten weekend Mosh in Derby doesn’t get you anywhere. Let’s take a fond look back at the adventure that brought Events House to where it is today.


As widespread floods hit the UK and the smoking ban became effective in England, the fledgling Events House began building clients and hiring its first staff. The team didn’t know what was right around the corner, or how successful the business would come, but they were excited knowing their idea had started to grow.


Ouch. The Recession reared its ugly head following the financial crash and it was all hands on deck to avoid Events house sinking along with 812,000 other businesses in the UK. Somehow, we kept our heads above water (although we didn’t manage to keep all of our hair.) and we bought a motion helicopter simulator in order to celebrate and tempt in new clients, but it proved to be about as dangerous and eagerly avoided as the 2008 Norovirus outbreak.

Did we let that get us down though? No! We got hold of our first F1 car instead, and shortly after shipped it to Bahrain… Our success continued with running a BMW event that attracted 14,000 people. We ended 2008 on the same high as Lewis Hamilton when he became the youngest ever F1 champion in November that year.


The recession hit the UK high street hard, but at Events House we rode the storm. In 2009 we expanded on our team building services, and even ran a gameshow style event for Virgin Money. 2009 also goes down as the year Josh Wood joined our team as the senior events manager, and the year that Adi got married, definitely a year for setting solid foundations!


2010 was a tricky year for the UK, with the worst winter since the 1980s and Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland unleashing it’s volcanic wrath; grounding flights around the UK for days. Regardless, Events House still needed to trek down to Barcelona in a car to run a big job – it was a roaring success, with only one minor breakdown on the way home in the snow! The cold weather wasn’t finished with Events House yet though – we had just moved into Grange Farm, our new, bigger home to accommodate our expansion. We might have spent £700 a month heating the place through the bad winter, but it didn’t hold us back. With an Abu Dahbi F1 Fanzone event, our first in-house designed F1 simulator, and Dave getting married (and buying a Lotus Elise…) things looked good for the future!


On bated breath we waited for news… yes the last Harry Potter movie was on its way! Oh… wait, no we mean… We received a repeat booking for Abu Dahbi! (It’s hard to tell which Adi was more excited for.) We bought our first full motion simulator, then headed back to Abu Dahbi in the winter of the same year for an event at the Yas Marina Circuit.


What a year to be British with the Olympic Games being held in London and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations leading to street parties nationwide. We celebrated by opening our Bristol office and hiring Sarah and Lana who would turn out to be the rising stars of the company and an extremely valuable asset to the growth of Events House. Some may say Events House wouldn’t be the same without them. The 2012 snow storms and the double dip recession couldn’t hold us back! (but the 1,039,439th play of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know might’ve made us flinch.)


In 2013 the usually stony faced Andy Murray won Sports Personality of the Year following his Wimbeldon win, and if a Brit can win Wimbledon, then the sky is the limit for Events House. 2013 saw us move office and launch our worldwide international events. Who knew back in 2006 that it would only take 7 years for us to travel to exotic locations, crane lift F1 cars into 1st storey event buildings and launch our very own Total Wipeout course for anyone willing to make a fool of themselves!!

From a farmhouse to the dream home, Events House moved into 169, a much less leaky and cold building than Grange Farm. Staff felt warmer and rejuvenated, perhaps because they now didn’t live in constant fear of the building collapsing around them. There were a lot of memorable (or not so memorable, more like a hazy blur to others) office parties, and there was a bit of office chair racing in the car park (we have to practice for F1), but overall we celebrated having a big, professional team all dedicated to Events House’s future!


In 2014 we took on Bez and Sam to form our brand new in-house development team, and unlike the shareholders at Manchester United, we let our new staff settle in and flourish in their own time. We brought on plenty of new full and part-time staff. It was the 100th anniversary of World War I, but you might’ve been forgiven for thinking it had broken out again when team member Josh decided to leave the office…


…for all of five minutes. Josh returned to us shortly after realising there’s no place like Events House. Business swiftly returned to normal and as the UK started preparing for the future of driverless cars and the rise of cashless payments, we started dabbling in Virtual Reality.


And here we are.

Ten years down the line and we are pleased to announce the merger of our departments to become the Events House Group. We’ve celebrated by purchasing our very own Events House racing car; a Caterham 7 track car. Who knows what the future holds for our company – A partnership with Oculus Rift? Total World Domination? Follow us and find out!

Lana Knight

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