Top 5 Trends For Business Events in 2016

22 March 2016
Lana Knight

5 Business Event Trends for 2016

You might think of event trends when it comes to weddings, but few of us consider reading up on the latest trends in corporate event planning. It’s a shame, because there are so many new and creative advancements that can really get people talking about your brand, engaging with the company and getting excited about the business they’re involved in.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the events trends you can incorporate into your events in 2016!

Using Tablets and Smart Phones

You’d think you’d want to discourage the use of distracting tech at your business events, but that’s simply not the case in this day and age. If the budget allows, you can have an iPad on every table with interactive features. Some companies can build apps specifically for your business, or you could have live votes, or a photo wall. Another great idea is to have a tweet wall, this is where people can tweet from their phones using a hashtag, and have their tweet displayed upon a live feed, which you might want to project onto a large wall at your event. Find out more about marketing and competitions

Event Apps

There are already some great apps on the market for event hosts, try out things like DoubleDutch, Guidebook and CrowdCompass. If your guests downloads the app, they have access to lots of great new features that make your event even more interactive! These apps help you source event attendee data live, so you can make decisions about where to take the day next. You can also host competitions, offer a platform for sponsors, share event schedules and help your attendees network and record fellow event-goers information. Find out more about event technologies

Local Business Collaborations

If there are local businesses that compliment your business without being your competitors, then it’s a good idea to see if you can come up with something mutually beneficial that benefits you both. For example, more businesses are now collaborating with local breweries and bars to provide their event attendees with a unique experience. The local business also gets some free marketing in the process so will often offer a discount.

Instagram Booths

Many online businesses now offer a service where you can print your own ‘Instagram’ style photo frame. This is great for encouraging social media shares, as you can include a hashtag on your frame too. If you’re not into Instagram, you can set up your own photo-booth for Facebook or Twitter instead – sweeten the deal by entering people into a giveaway if they share their image.

Branded Food and Drinks

What’s the first thing people do when they get a delicious plate of food placed in front of them these days? Well if you answered ‘eat it’, you answered wrong! We’re a generation of food photo snappers, and we love nothing more than sharing envy-inducing pictures of our nosh on social media. So what’s a brand to do? Tag it! Collaborate with a caterer to make cupcakes with your logo on, or steaks branded with your hashtag. Sure, it’ll make some people cringe, but it’s the perfect formula for a viral share.

What are your favourite trends for 2016? Let us know by tweeting @EventsHouse!

Lana Knight