Website Launch

17 November 2015
Adrian Tingle

A company which prides itself as been at the forefront of innovation and technology needs a website to suit and this was the brief for the design of our new site.  'Make it techy', 'make it amazing', 'make it beautiful', 'make it win awards' and 'make it now!!'

... this is ALL that was asked of Eden Agency for the launch of The Events House website, a meagre request on the whole. We are thrilled with the final product and other than the awards element (which is out of their hands), the website has delivered on all elements.

We feel that the design of the site is radical, beautiful and sleek all in one and showcases our products and services in just the right way. 

We would like to thank Eden Agency, based in the heart of Yorkshire, who have not only helped us with the design and development of the site but who are also responsible for assisting us with some of our other digital technological advancements in scoring systems, iBeacons and live event marketing. They have also put up with all our requests and changes over the course of the website build and likely deserve medals. 

We hope you enjoy looking through our products and services on this amazing platform. 

The Events House, seemingly delivering the Formula for beautiful website creation as well as simulation and event services. 

Adrian Tingle


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