Why Does Event Branding Matter?

07 August 2017
Sophie Sherratt


The fundamental principles behind branding at events is consistency in your brand message and reinforcing that message at every possible opportunity. Through live activations, brand interaction and exciting experiences you are able to connect with the consumer on an emotional level.

Marketing activations and live event experiences are key drivers in brand interaction. Through not only entertaining the consumer but also encouraging involvement in new, memorable and exciting experiences, you are inevitably building an emotional connection between the consumer and your brand.

Branding walks hand in hand with advertising by promoting and showcasing your brand image, ultimately boosting brand recognition to new levels. In short, event branding emphasises your brand image to customers and prospects, in effect aiding the long-term marketing goals of your business.


Corporate branding for events is important because it is often the first touch point for many customers and that is why marketing activations work towards driving consumer action.

Think of how your target audience differentiates your brand from your competitors. Your brand image is at the heart of your business and is the message both your current and prospective customers receive time and time again.


Through branding you are able to convey that message repetitively, ultimately driving sales, engaging your audience and encouraging brand loyalty.

Your business is defined by its unique story, and this story is at the heart of everything you represent. So it inevitably makes sense to showcase your uniqueness as a brand in order to engage your audience, especially at events where there is a wider pool of potential customers.

At The Events House we understand the importance of branding and offer unique branding solutions on our entire selection of products, to ensure your brand message is delivered clearly.

We do this by taking a look into your brand and honing in on the key messages that you want to convey at the event. This understanding allows us to create a bespoke 3D design ‘mock up’ which incorporates text, logos and colour to represent how our product would look within the event’s environment.

By providing this visual example you are able to imagine how the branded kit would look on site, to give you a further understanding how it would impact visitors and attract a larger crowd.

Our branding solutions are guaranteed to make your company stand out from the crowd with a variety of incredible marketing activations on offer, and above all we design them bespoke to fit every individual event.

So whether it is a logo, strap-line or simply a colour scheme, we have a branding solution for you.


Sophie Sherratt

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