Amlin and Amlin Andretti

A bespoke simulator design for Formula E

Design a Simulator Relating to Formula E

Our client Amlin, a leading independent insurer, is a key sponsor of the Amlin Andretti Formula E race team. Their idea was to showcase their involvement in the motorracing industry by using a replica racing simulator at both their public and internal events. They needed a supplier who could provide a high end motion simulator relating to Formula E, which could also be branded to look like the real car. 

To provide the most realistic Formula E experience

We offered our Full Motion Simulator. This simulator offers the most lifelike experience, with every turn and bump felt by the simulator driver. The aim is for the driver to feel like they are racing for the Amlin Andretti team - racing around a Formula E track in an Amlin Andretti car.

Full simulator wrap for brand enhancement

To further enhance the offering, we transformed the simulator into a replica of their actual race car - wrapping it in their striking electric blue team colour, complete with their logos.

Storage and cost saving for future use

We keep the simulator wrapped and stored for Amlin all year around. They have used the simulator at events here in the UK, including exhibitions and the London ePrix, plus internal sales and broker events in the Netherlands and Brussels.

Amlin case study

Exclusivity Service

We offer this exclusive service to any client that wants to have a simulator specifically designed and kept for all of their events, offering continuity on an international level.

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