Bespoke 360 video for Ornua Foods UK Limited

We worked with Ornua Foods to create bespoke 360 footage to use for promotional material

The Brief

Ornua is a world wide company who are responsible for the international marketing and sales of various well known dairy products, Kerrygold, Pilgrims Choice and Dubliner to name a few. We were approach by the foods division at the end of last year, as they were looking to create some bespoke 360 footage to showcase to a well-known supermarket brand during their meeting in a few weeks time.

Concept Development

We arranged a meeting with the Ornua and the marketing team to discuss the options. Whilst they knew what they were looking to achieve, they hadn't worked with Virtual Reality (VR) before. To assist them in understanding the process and capabilities we presented some demo footage. The brief was to showcase the process of cheese making from “Farm to Fork”. Ornua would have, in the past, arranged a tour of the farm for their client, however with the new age of technology and time required for the tour they wanted to explore options to provide this virtually instead. To create what Ornua needed for their meeting, we recommended that a 360 VR film or bespoke animation would meet their needs. A bespoke animation offers an interactive experience, while the 360 film allows an exhilarating sense of immersion. Out of the two routes we could go down, we decided that a 360 video was the best option based on the time frame and client brief.


Ornua provided us with various scenes and locations that they wanted to include in the process. This included 6 locations across the UK from down in Devon up to Leek in Staffordshire. From this we set about creating a plan of action to achieve the brief, however time was against us with only a few weeks to completion. This meant a full week of filming was required, with the film crew working on the road. We also commissioned a drone specialist for the opening scene, to capture the picturesque countryside and farm location. We also filmed an interview with Peter Willes, manager of the dairy and production chain, to introduce the footage and explain what made his cheese so special.


The editing process for the project was just as intense as the filming. As well as general editing of the footage for a smooth flow between each scene, we first had to stitch the 360 footage together that’s generated from the 12 Go-Pro cameras. With over 1Tb of footage captured, this required precision and concentration by our head designer. As well as the 360 footage, we also produced a “flat” film too, enabling them to use this on their website or as other marketing material.

Virtual Reality headset hire

Event Delivery

Each scene was signed off by Ornua and the content was amalgamated together to create the final piece. We then assisted the client with the delivery of the footage for their meeting, which was to take place at their Leek location. We arranged the hire of 10 VR headsets, using Samsung Gear VR and headphones for the smoothest delivery. In preparation we pre-loaded the headsets with the footage. We also provided technical support during the meeting, advising people on how to put on the headset and adjust for comfort and focus. While the reason for Ornua commissioning the film was for part of a meeting lasting only 15 minutes, we remained on-site to make sure the team at Ornua all got a chance to experience their workplace in 360 VR.

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