An Exhibition Attraction For Carole Nash Insurance

An exhibition attraction at the Motorcycle Live show 2014.

The brief

The client is a well known insurance company that specialises in cover for motorcyclists and wanted an attraction that would fit the theme of the show and gain large amounts of interest to their stand. As we have a background in providing activities and entertainment for companies in the motorsports industry, we knew that we could provide the perfect solution for Carole Nash

They also informed us that there would be increased footfall throughout the 9 live days of the show and it was key to have an attraction that could support that. 

Motorsports themed attractions

We proposed a few different options, one of which was our Motorbike simulator. This would have been a perfect, high quality and impressive attraction that fit to the theme of the event. However, the simulator in question is a ‘one player attraction’, which wouldn’t have been suitable for an event with such high footfall. We also suggested the giant 8 lane Scalextric track, which also suited the overall theme but has the added benefit of fitting the requirements relating to the amount of people at the event, as it allows up to 8 players at a time. The attraction also tends to gather a large crowd of onlookers, who back their winners and get quite drawn into the game. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages for each attraction. Together we concluded that the Scalextric track would be the best option, as it can accommodate for many more players than the motorbike simulator can and is great for both players and spectators.

Data capture with bespoke event apps

Next we discussed the additional stand attraction services that we have to offer, such as our dynamic scoreboard with data capture capabilities. Using our scoreboard app, Carole Nash found out basic demographic and contact information (email address) about their delegates. The app provided the insurance company with additional contacts and enough information to start carrying out smart direct and social media marketing, using photos from the show to gain interest and 'likes' when shared over social network sites. To gather data from the 8 participants we also added additional iPad’s to the attraction, which included an additional 4 iPads along with a custom made registration app and questionnaire. After the show had finished a reminder email was sent out to the registered participants to encourage them to continue sharing their photos with their friends. Data was then collated and the winners of the campaign and of the fastest lap competition were then announced.  All data from the show was then securely sent over to our client and the microsite was closed down.

Event branding, management and logistics

We arranged for branding on the track to include logo placement on the cars, perspex barriers and toblerone banners on the green area’s of the track. We also liaised with the stand designer to create the bespoke surround for the track. We also provided promotional staff to assist with the data capture and competition element. The staff wore promotional clothing, drummed up interest to the stand and liaised directly with the stand designer with regards to the cable logistics.

The finishing touches

Our finishing touches

Set up commenced the day prior to the first live day of the show, and we stayed onsite until the track was in position, tested and all in running order. We also met with our contact at Carole Nash to run through the event and competition details once more to ensure she was happy and everything was set to go.

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