Customer Engaging VR Experience With Data Collection and Photo Activation.

We worked with The Business Event Company to create a new VR activation for NetApp.

The Brief:

The Business Event Company enquired for us to assist in creating a new and engaging VR activation for NetApp and their upcoming shows at VM Worlds and GiTex. 

We had to relate the experience to the clients business and they wanted to link the experience back to their company and a corporate message and for them to create the next generation data centre.

We offered a 3 tier solution for the Business Event Company and Net App. 

3D Painting in a Virtual Data Centre.

We created a 3D virtual Data Centre, using CAD Models of NetApp’s equipment. Using HTC Vive, we programmed visually applicable paint brushes effects for users to draw on and link in the Virtual DataCentre. The result was a VR experience which offered a creative and entertaining interaction for visitors to the stand which was entirely focussed on NetApps products.

Tutorial Video

To maximise the time while people were queuing for the activation, we designed and produced a tutorial video for people to watch on an Ipad. The aim of this was to brief the next participant lined up for the activation on what was the “aim of the game” and what was to be expected of them during the experience.

Custom Photo and Registration Application

The final stage of the build was to create the custom photo app, this was designed to increase consumer engagement and to further promote Netapp’s brand. The 3D painting was not so much of a game as more of a piece of art, so we suggested participants could take the art home with them. Delegates registered and had a final photo taken with their work. Once submitted, the app then had capabilities to send an email to both client and participant, allowing the client to receive the data from registration and the participant to receive their photo. The client then used the data for a social media campaign that they were managing.

The Results

We provided each activation with 2 of our trained event technicians who executed the event well, following the outlined brief and engaging with the participants. We provided them with all equipment to run the experience include two ipads, one for the tutorial video and one for registration. We discussed the space requirements with The Business Event Company, where they provided a booth using 3 walls with artworks, with the back wall to house the 80” screen that was provided onsite. The overall experience was well received and both agent and client were happy.

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