A motion simulator for Expose Designs

We created and delivered a fully branded Motion Simulator for the International GITEX Technology Week in Dubai for our client, Expose Designs.

The Brief

Expose Designs, an exhibition stand design and build company, had used us previously to create show-stopping elements for their clients exhibition stands here in the UK. On this occasion their client Fortinet, a leading provider of fast and secure cyber security solutions, had requested their services for an exhibition in Dubai. Expose Designs approached us with the exciting international brief.

A motion simulator

We know the importance of choosing the right simulator for each client and their event. It will need to enhance their exhibition stand and the participants experience, as well as satisfying the expected footfall and fitting with the company’s brand image. With this in mind we recommended our latest Formula Motion Simulator. This particular racing simulator has the ‘wow factor’ due to it’s unique motion capabilities - it simulates every lump, bump, gear shift, movement and loss of traction on the track. It is guaranteed to be an attraction.

Brand enhancement

The client was keen to enhance the impact of their brand. To ensure the simulator supported this we suggested branding the simulator by adding their company colour and logos. Our designers discussed the clients needs and delivered impressions prior to the event. Once the client had given their sign off we used pantone references and high resolution images to bring the drawings to life.

Event logistics for an international event

With an international event one of the key logistical elements is preparing the simulator to be delivered from the UK to the desired country, in this case Dubai. Time limitations meant that the only option was to air freight the equipment. We dealt with a shipping agent in the UK and a local agent in Dubai to ensure that the simulator was delivered on schedule and in perfect condition. Alongside this we arranged the staff, accommodation, and flights. Our client had very little to worry about.

The Stats

The exhibition was a huge success with over a 143,000 ICT professionals from 150 countries attending. The simulator looked great and was a key factor in the attraction of a high percentage of the delegates on to the Fortinet exhibition stand.

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