PS Live Global: Simulator for a marketing event

We received an enquiry from a brand experience agency on behalf of their client Qatar Airways who were looking for a Penalty Shootout Simulator for an attraction at a scheduled marketing event.

The Brief

When PS Live contacted us they had already pitched the attraction idea to their client for the activation at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London, therefore they knew exactly what they were looking for when calling. The client was looking for a simulator that would portray their tagline “Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona, A team that unites the world”

Penalty shootout simulator

The Penalty Shootout simulator uses state of the art technology to record the velocity and direction of the ball when kicked towards the projector goal and keeper. Points are awarded according to speed and accuracy of the shot.

Increasing brand awareness through branding

They wanted to gain as much interest and brand awareness as they could so visual aids were key for this. We worked with them and arranged branding to the external sides and roof of the simulator. Normally our services include drawing up a branding mock up and design the visuals in-house, however on this occasion the agency used their team to create this, which was signed off by the client and we produced the finished product. We are happy to give as much or as little guidance with this- it all depends on what our client needs.

Technical support with our screens and displays

We also provided additional AV such as a PA system and large plasma screens to run a mixture of holding pages and the running leaderboard of the day. As well as an operator to run the simulator throughout the event we also provided a technician onsite for the AV supplied.


Feedback from the client and agency was well received and the simulator was a perfect attraction for their marketing activation and met their footfall requirements.

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