The 2019 Playseat® SMS-R Series

Season Launch

The Brief

With the relaunch of the highly popular SMS-R series on Project Cars 2; Slightly Mad Studios, The Events House and Apex Online Racing all agreed to come together to create a 10-week championship, showcasing both the high quality of Esports talent in PCARS2, and The Event House live production capabilities.

Design and Proposal  

The Events House Team set about proposing various Esport style layouts for the activation, ensuring that the client's needs were met both visually and inline with the Esports ethos. Adjustments and Concepts also took into account; Branding Opportunities, Footfall and ensuring that all the space was utilised effectively.

The stand incorporated 8 Playseat F1 style cockpits on the top deck, with 8 Playseat Sensations on the bottom deck of the stage. Stage-Right gave space for a commentator desk throughout our live broadcasted events over the weekend, and a “3x2” LED wall allowed for all attendees to the show to watch the racing live with their friends, family and fellow autosport enthusiasts.

Contestants Racing in  a row of playseats


With such a large scale Esports activation, our design team built up sizeable areas for the clients, ensuring that all our clients were visible throughout the stand. Branding was visible across various mediums (Such as video, Fabric based) etc. and thus demonstrated the capabilities of our in house design and branding teams.

The Build

The build was conducted over 2 days, with a large scale team delivering before the show went live. Through working with our specialist partners in various areas of the build, we worked relentlessly around the clock to achieve our high standards and swiftly created the stand within the timetable of both the venue and our client's needs.

The Events House


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