Virtual reality hire for events

Add another realm to your event when hiring one of our Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Allowing delegates to delve into another world through VR is an awe inspiring and innovative idea for fun events, marketing activations and exhibitions.


Without trying Virtual Reality its hard to explain the excitement surrounding it; it is a revolutionary step and will arguably change the way we interact with the world. This is why we have spent a lot of time working on our VR activities and experiences. We're leaders in VR hire and offer a range of activities and experiences to amaze and inspire delegates. 

Our team of developers are constantly creating engaging ways for the headset to work in events and for the event market. We have particular interest in creating a 4th dimension of motion or sensation with the experience. 


The beauty of VR is the ability to create bespoke experiences for every event and every business - you will amaze delegates and your business will be remembered long after the event has finished.

Our developers work to create bespoke VR content for your company, whether that is with in-game branding or a completely bespoke experience. 

Complete Event Services

Our aim is to innovate, create and deliver any event. We offer a complete event service with the aim to provide even the smallest of details. We are experienced in worldwide logistics, event branding and digital event solutions.

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