Using Virtual Reality (VR) at events will always draw in large enthusiastic crowds, and ensuring that these crowds remember your company is key. Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular, so making your VR attraction stand out is essential. How do you do this? Make it all about your brand with tailored VR experiences!

360 Filming


Filming Virtual Reality involves 360º stereoscopic film capture. This form of filming can be particularly suitable if you want customers to experience a point of view which is awe inspiring and largely unobtainable. This could be used for competitive events, such as; cycling, golf or tennis or even experiential activities, such as snowboarding or surfing. Stereoscopic filming also offers other capabilities; viewing showrooms or properties without actually being there, for example. 

It's not just about the experience; we can promote and showcase the brand within the VR film. We also assist with the brand activation and the deployment of the footage by using branded websites and branded VR headsets. 

We can assist with each element of the VR filming activation, from capturing the experience to the deployment and promotion of the activation. 


Virtual Reality content allows interaction in a digital world. The possibilities and scope of what can be created is endless. We can offer brand placements in digital environments, simple games and even full VR game development from the ground up. 

Our niche is the creation of motion Virtual Reality, which can be particularly attractive for activations. 


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Our aim is to innovate, create and deliver any event. We offer a complete event service with the aim to provide even the smallest of details. We are experienced in worldwide logistics, event branding and digital event solutions.

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