Interactive Remote Gaming

Playing together brings people together, Join in with the fun directly from your own phone.

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All you need is a BIG screen!

Amongst our contactless gaming solutions for a post-COVID world we are now offering interactive remote gaming. Bringing people together in a unique, inclusive shared experience.

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Easy hassle free access to the most engaging crowd entertainment. By scanning the QR code fans or event attendees can sign up instantly. 

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big screen race

Play from YOUR device

Everyone plays this super engaging high-speed game together, using their phones as controllers, with the action happening on a shared big screen. There’s no app to download, so participation is instant. Our remote games are simple, uniquely challenging and seriously fun. 

Engage your crowd

Make moments of mass engagement for crowds of 2 to 2 million, bringing together and uniting your tribe of employees, delegates or sports fans anywhere in the world.

Big Screen Activations
Snowboard Game

Engage a small crowd

Our smaller games for up to 100 players are perfect for increasing dwell time in fanzonestradeshows and shopping centres.

Engage Grandstand -sized crowd

Sometimes you need something a little BIGGER: our Grandstand games allow an entire grandstands or fanzones full of fans to participate and play a shared game at the same time - all 50,000+ of them.

A great way to keep seated fans engaged.

Large Screen
Sponsorship ROI

ROI on your sports sponsorship

The real, measurable attention of your crowd can be monetised through sponsorship, creating richer relationships between brand and fan, offering better ROI for your partners, and a new, higher value sponsorship channel for your business.

Get your crowd shouting, cheering and having fun

Sharing an experience that makes you feel part of the pack.

Complete Event Services

Our aim is to innovate, create and deliver any event. We offer a complete event service with the aim to provide even the smallest of details. We are experienced in worldwide logistics, event branding and digital event solutions.

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